About My5dailypsalms

Little RiverThe purpose of this website is to set up and record my daily devotional time as I try to read five chapters out of the book of Psalms and one chapter of Proverbs daily.  This first psalm sets the stage for the month and that is to meditate day and night on His Word.  This opening psalm gives us an insight on the book of Psalms.  We are introduced here to two ways (the way of the sinner and the way of the righteous) and one law (the Law of the Lord).  The way or walk of life which we chose is determined by one characteristic in a person’s life and that characteristic is his or her love for the law of the Lord.  Stop and examine your walk today and measure it against verse two.  Remember verses one and two are controlled by your decisions, while the events found in verses three through six by God’s Law.  The more you read God’s Word the more you will realized it is not an instruction book on how to live your life, instead it is the moving work of the Holy Spirit through the use of God’s Word that helps direct your life.  Psalm one characterize the man or woman who has taken the Bible and has written these words on his or hers heart and they are reflected in their daily life.