One of the hobbies that I have come to enjoy when I am at the beach is shark tooth hunting. Cherry Grove Beach offers such a great place to hunt for shark teeth. You do not have to have any equipment at all, but I use a sink strainer on the end of an old composite shaft golf club and a Tic-Tac container when I go out hunting. You can get the old clubs at a Thrift store for a dollar or two and the sink strainer at Walmart for 99 cents. Cut the club head off and use a galvanized wire to make a frame for the strainer. I use electrical tape to dress up the frame and zip ties to fasten the strainer.

Simple equipment
Remember to leave one end of the loop about three inches long to insert into the shaft.

The key to finding shark teeth is all in the timing of the tide washing through the shell beds where the shark teeth are bury. Some of these shell beds can be buried under the sand a foot or two deep. Cherry Grove Beach beach was built up from sand out from the beach in October 2019 so the shells and shark teeth are always in the process of washing back down. Yes it is fun and rewarding, but you must be patience and keep looking. Like any other activity the more you practice (just looking for the shark teeth) the more you will find. If you want you can find them just laying on the beach, but you will find a lot more in the breaking surf on the shoreline. However, every day will be different since the waves, wind and the currents are never the same. So enjoy, I know I do.

Breaking surf great place to search
Great finds from the Past
Yesterday’s finds

My 4th Career

Plans do come together.  I love the ocean and everything around it.  I also love landscaping and the beauty you can create to enjoy as you sit out with your morning coffee or enjoying your evening meal.   My 4th career will be enjoying all that the Lord has given me.  Life lived by walking in the ways of the Lord has been very enriching.  As I have looked back on the last fifty-one years in the short span of forty days, I am amazed how wonderful God has been to me.  This reflection has also made me recall all the wonderful relationships I have had in the past.  Time on this earth is short but heaven is forever.  Just the thought of eternal relationships we can have in heaven is beyond my imagination.

Nine Aspects of Life

  1. The adventure of life is to learn.
  2. The purpose of life is to grow.
  3. The nature of life is to change.
  4. The challenge of life is to overcome.
  5. The essence of life is to care.
  6. The opportunity of life is to serve.
  7. The secret of life is to dare.
  8. The spice of life is to befriend.
  9. The beauty of life is to give.

Source not known

As we age and realize that our journey through this world is now much nearer to the end we begin to look back and reevaluate our understanding of the true meaning of life. For those who know God and the work that Christ paid for us on the cross this reevaluation will usually lead to a more rewarding life for us in our later years.