Day 38

Some jobs just seem to go away.  One of my first jobs I had at Kroger back in 1969 was a bottle boy.  As a bottle boy my job was to come in every evening and sort out all the soft drink to the correct vendors.  At that time, I remember there was the six-ounce, ten-ounce, sixteen ounces, and the new thirty-two-ounce bottles.  It was not always a clean job.  For a lot of those bottles were picked up on the road side by young kids (yes, I did it too when I was 13- 15 years old) and were covered by dirt.  Yet that is how young kids made their spending money during those times.  Yes, we recycled during these times.

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After I was finished the task of sorting the drink bottles, I would go and help get in carts and bag up the customer’s orders in paper bags.  As a sixteen-year-old this was a great job.  I only got paid $2.35 an hour, however gas was a quarter a gallon and you could get a pizza and a pitch of Pepsi at Pizza Hut for less than $5.00.  Live was good.

However, this job did not last long.  When one of the eighteen-year employees got a better job, I was asked to fill in and take his place on the processing crew until they could find a replacement for his position.  His job was to cut open the cases that came in on the grocery truck and send them down the line to be priced and place on a cart sorted by aisles.  Yes, everything had to be priced back then, since we did not have scan tags on items yet.  I did such a good job my first week at this position that I was able to stay on the crew.  There was no need to hire someone else.   So, I learned early on that hard work can lead to great opportunities.

Between work and school all my free time was spent at church.  From the age of thirteen my mother made sure that I and my brother and sisters were in church.  At sixteen church was a big part of my live.  I was surround by many great individuals who provided me with great examples of how God works in an individual’s life. Pastor Cairns became like a father to me since I my father pass away when I was fifteen.  It was his great Bible teaching that influence my life to this day.  As I look back in time, he was one of the great pillars that God provided to support me at a great time of need.  He helped me form the Bible Club at Amelia High school, which help influence my high school years (I was the kid that always carried his Bible with him).  It was his influence that lead me to go to Tennessee Temple College in 1972.  So, I was blessed to have God’s hand leading me all the way of my young.  The two songs that that meant so much to me at that time was Blessed Assurance and Day by Day.  The words of these song still play a big part in my life to this day.

Day by day and with each passing moment,

Strength I find to meet my trails here;

Trusting in my Father’s wise bestowment,

I’ve no cause for worry or for fear.

He whose heart is kind beyond all measure

Gives unto each day what he deems best

Lovingly its part of pain and pleasure,

Mingling toil with peace and rest.

Everyday day the Lord himself is near me

With a special mercy for each hour;

All my cares he fain would bear and cheer me,

He who name is Counselor and Power.

The protection of his child and treasure

Is a charge that on himself he laid;

As your days, your strength shall be measure,

This the pledge to me he made.


Help me then in every trail and tribulation

So, to trust your promises, O Lord,

That I lose not faith’s sweet consolation

Offered me within Thy Holy Word.

Help me Lord, when toil and trouble meeting,

Ever to take as from a father’s hand.

One by one, the days the moments fleeting,

Till I reach the promised land.


Thanks be to God who gave me the examples of Godly people in my early youth.  May I also be an example that God uses so others can see Christ in me.