The next story line in the life of David is the story of his battle with Goliath. The story starts with the Philistines gathering their troops to met Saul and his troops on the edge of were each nation boarder. Because of this movement of troops David probably had to go back home to help out since his three older brothers were with Saul’s troops on the battle lines. The Philistine’s champion Goliath would go out every morning and evening to challenge the Israelite to send out their champion to fight against them. He did this for forty days. There are so many story lines to this story, but the only one I will touch on today is David’s faith.

Jesse sent David to the camp with the some supplies for his brothers and the captain of their thousand. While he was there he heard the challenge of Goliath and ask why no one would answer his call to fight. David’s inquiring about the matter of standing up to Goliath reached the ears of Saul. By permitting David to fight Goliath Saul was either trusting in David’s skills and abilities, or he was just glad to have someone who would take the chance of fighting Goliath. Either way, David took what was comfortable to him, which was his sling and five smooth stones. As he approached to fight Goliath David answered Goliath’s cursing with the simple phase” but I come in the name of the Lord of host, the God of the armies of Israel, whom thou defied”. David was not there to prove himself as a champion, but to fight and bring victory to the God of armies of the Israel.

David’s faith prevail in his battle against Goliath and the Philistines. Like the dark clouds coming in before the storm God sends a spirit of a feeling of defeat among the Philistines as soon as they see their champion dead. Yet we see how this dark cloud of defeat that the Philistines were facing fired up the Israelite’s army with by seeing the silver lining that God had provided. David’s faith as portrayed in this story reflects how we as Christians must stand up for our belief even when the people around us seem to doubt our faith. David’s faith was a personal faith between him and God, that is the same type of faith we need to have. It is amazing to realize that the God of this universe can also be the guiding light in our life. And like David’s example of faith in this story, the effects of our faith can also have an effect on our environment. So let our faith shine daily in everything you do.

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