God’s hand in one’s life

I have a note in my Bible next to I Samuel 16:18 that reads “God set the stage before David played for Saul. The little events in our life are really divine events that God causes to happen.” As we study this first time meeting of Saul and David we must realized that God had a hand in it. The Spirit of God departed from Saul and and evil spirit from God tormented him. Saul had abandoned God’s way. Saul was ruling Israel as his kingdom not God’s kingdom. As one abandons God they also abandon relationships with those that walk in God’s way. There were probably few around Saul that had a godly influence on him. We must remember that Jonathan Saul’s son who was probably one that could have given him godly advice was usually away from him leading another garrison. So one of Saul’s attendants suggested to search for someone who could pay the harp to make him feel better. During the conversation another servant recommended David, the son of Jesse. He also mentioned that David was also a brave man, and a warrior and the Lord is with him.

As I look at I Samuel 16:14 “Now the Spirit of the Lord departed from Saul and an evil Spirit from the Lord terrorized him.” I myself have no problem with the phrase “an evil Spirit from the Lord” found in this verse. God is the creator of all things in the universe. He is the creator of Satan and all his domain. Satan chose to rebel against his creator and desired to be like God, however his rebellion end with him and a third of the angels being cast out of heaven. Rebellion against God was a decision that not only Satan had made but also a third of the angels in heaven with him. Soon after the creation of man Satan presented himself to Eve and convince her to disobey God and partake of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. So all creation is from God, but when creation chose not to follow God’s way it becomes without God, or godless.

So Saul sent for David. His message to Jesse was simple: “Send me your son David,who is with the sheep.” As king I guess he could make such a request and my this a demand to Jesse. An interesting portion of this verse also mention that Saul knew that David was tending the sheep. We can not be sure if Jesse believe that Saul knew about the anointing of David by Samuel at this time, but it could have been on his mind. We are not given the time between the anointing of David by Samuel and the request for David to serve in the courts of Saul, but we do know that God had set the stage. So Jesse gave David a donkey, loaded with bread a skin of wine and a young goat and send him to Saul.

David not only played the harp for Saul, but he also became one of his armor-bearers. Saul like David very much. So much that he sent back to Jesse and asked him to allow David to stand before him because he hath found favor in my sight. So, David became part of the court that surrounded Saul. So, when the evil spirit came upon Saul, David would play the harp and Saul would find relief. David was well received by the court of Saul which provided him with experience that God had planned for his future as king.