Ecclesiastes 3:1

Bird houseEcclesiastes 3:1 To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven. As I was taking down the Christmas lights that I have on my Bluebird house stand this verse spoke to me. I have a pipe that I use to hang a bird house for attracting bluebird to nest. It was a success last year. However, at Christmas time I hang Christmas light across it to make me a multi-color Christmas tree in our front year. This year I decided that as soon as the lights were down, I would put the bluebird house back in place.
For as this verse states, to everything there is a season, and yes there is a season for putting out bluebird houses in this area. If you wait until after the first of February, there is a great chance of missing the first nesting pair of bluebirds. As these words that Solomon wrote in Ecclesiastes has been written in songs and taught to many people through many commentaries the very simple essence of phase “to everything there is a time” is important.
To many times we miss out on opportunities that God has given us because we were not prepared or missed the season. As I look back on life, I can see some of the missed opportunities that I had to better serve my Lord. How shall I look at these missed opportunities? As I read II Samuel 12: 15-23 where God struck the child that Bathsheba had, and he became sick, David prayed and fasted. It was not until the child was dead that he arose, washed, and anointed and clothed himself that he came into the house of the Lord and worship. Why this change? David realized he sinned and this sin lead to missed opportunities to serve the Lord. However, David did not stop living for the Lord but kept on serving Him with this sin in the pass, but still in the memories of others.
For we can not change the pass, but we can redirect our lives back on the course that the Lord has for us. So, to everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven. This year I will again put out the bluebird house early and hope to have nesting birds. I learned from the pass that if I wait until March it will be too late.

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