Beginning the Forty day countdown

As I start the countdown until my retirement I am beginning to reflect on the last fifty one years of my working career.  It has been a wonderful fifty one years, times of great joy and times of many disappoints, however as I look back I can truly say I have seem God’s hand in directing my path.  For if there is one thing a christian’ who truly wants God’s leading in their life, will see as they look back over the sands of time is how God has had to carry him or her though some of the rough times.

I had a great friend I looked up to in my early career who re-enforce this saying of Christ  “he that is the greatest among you let him be your servant” in my everyday actions.  Servant-hood was something I strive to achieve early in my career.   At first I believe I was great so I had to be the servant, however later on I learned it was not being great, but being Christ-like.  For when I serve as being great I was really letting everyone know my true motive of showing off how good I was; but, when I serve as being Christ-like I had a peace in my heart that passes all understanding.

Another lesson I wish I had learned early in my career was that of not judging others.  I learned later in life not to judge others, even my enemies, because just like me God was still working in their life to bring them to a closer relationship with Him. I learned late in life that I could be the instrument in a person’s life to lead them back to the way of God.

So in forty more days I will no longer have a career that will take most of my time during the week.  And yet in forty more days God I will still have the same amount of hours in a day to serve you (24).  For as I tried to lift others up everyday at work with my saying, “How is it going this beautiful, wonderful day that the Lord has given us” may I continue it when I start my 4th career.

Thank you God. for giving me a 4th career.


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