Day 36 I was used as an example

Have you ever wonder about pass decisions?  What would have happen if I had  made a decision to go somewhere or took on a task that was waiting for me that was difference from the real decision I did make.  As I look at these pass decisions  (what ifs  directions I could have taken) I would have had a completely different life than I have now.  Decisions are made daily and we must learn to live with these decisions.  I love the Lord’s prayer where the focus is not on the future, but on our daily needs.  Give us today our daily bread and lead not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.  Everyday is a new opportunity to move forward, forgetting the things of the past and moving closer to the goals that Christ puts before us.

One of the greatest joys I had when I was a student at Tennessee Temple was when Dr. Lee Roberson used me as an unnamed student as an example in one of his sermons.  Earlier in the week I was on my way home early in the morning from work when I hit a slick spot and ran my car off the road.  Back in 1973 we did not have cell phones so I walked over to a house that had a light on and knocked on the door.  It happened to be the home of Dr. Lee Roberson who was up and having breakfast.  I informed him that I recognized him because I was a student at Temple and that I just had an accident and needed to call the police.  He ask if I was OK and if I needed anything.  That when I told him I was OK and that I just needed to report the accident.  In his sermon he spoke of this incidence and made the statement that in this young student he could tell had the peace of God in his heart by the look on his face.

In my years at Temple I learned a lot from the teachers and the students that surrounded me.  One decision I made was not to look back on the decisions I had made.  Yes, I made many wrong decisions in my life, and some of them were not pleasing to God, but I also learned He is a forgiving God and as I always try walk in His ways he will always be there to meet my needs.  Do not look back to the “what ifs” in your life, but to the “here I am Lord” moments and let God use you in His ministry to meet the needs of others.  Then this happens you to will have the peace in your heart that passes all understanding.

  • I had the perfect peace that passes all understanding down in my heart
  • down in my heart
  • down in my heart
  • I had the perfect peace that passes all understanding down in my heart
  • down in my heart
  • down in my heart to stay
  • IMG_3783


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