Day 30 Path Changers

As I look back on last fifty-one years of my life, I realize that the one thread through out these years has been work.  My life has been defined by my jobs.  For the last forty-three years my jobs were always career focus.  When work becomes more than a job that causes you to show up for a daily task to a position where you have input on the your daily activities, then it becomes a career.  This change can be a great path changer.

As I look back on the last forty-three years I realize that that was only a little over a third of Moses’s life span.  As I mediate upon Moses’ life of one hundred and twenty years and the trials that he went through as I read the words that he wrote in Psalm 90 I realize that like him my life paths have changed.  Verse twelve states “Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” is a key to our daily living.   Moses’s first forty years were spent in the courts of Pharaoh learning the wisdom of Egypt and how to be a royal administrator. His second forty years were spent in the wilderness tending sheep. The last forty years he became the prophet who lead Israel to the Promise Land. Moses had different careers in his life, His first career was a career where he wanted full control of his life to make things happen his way, which did not work out.  His second career was a shepherd.  However, it was probably during his second forty years of life in the quietness of the wilderness as a shepherd that he learned that God is God. This is a lesson that most people learn late in life. His third career was God calling him to lead His nation to the Promise Land.

One of the greatest features that an elderly Christian shows the world is the gracefulness of growing old in the Lord. They should have learned the secret of living and that is to quietly look to the Lord to meet their daily needs.  So, as my path keeps changing to a different career may I stay on the main path of always walking in the ways of God.  Charles Swindoll reflected upon this truth of gaining a heart of wisdom in his book Wisdom for the Way. He wrote “Aging isn’t a choice. But our response to it is. In so many ways we ourselves determine how we shall grow old.” May I continue to grow in the love and the grace of Jesus my Lord.