Day 15 A teacher

When I first started college as a young student my desire was the be serve on the mission field.  One of the roles that I realized that I needed was that of a Bible teacher.  As I reflect on these years, I recall how my desire was not to learn but to complete the task of finishing school. At that time, I was like a young child traveling with their parents on a long trip asking countless times “are we there yet”.  The destination was the important event, not the enjoyment of the events along the trip.  When I went back to school this time I fell in love with the process of learning.  To be a good teacher you must have a love for learning and the desire to pass this love of learning to others.

It is amazing how God works in our life to prepare our paths for us.  After I had completed school and pass my test and received my teacher certification, I started applying at all the schools in Douglas County.  Having lived and worked in that community for almost eight years I felt I had a good chance of getting a teaching position.  However, there were no open teacher positions at any of their schools.  The week before the start of the school year, I had almost given up on find a teacher position.  I was excited when I received a call to come in for an interview for a six-grade social studies teacher position.

This was a last-minute position that was created by the enrollment of more students than they had planned, and this created a need for a teacher.  Following the interview, I was offered the job.   I enjoy eight years at Herschel Jones middle school three years as 6th grade teacher and five years teaching the Introduction to Technology class to all three grade levels.  These were wonderful years in which I was blessed with friendships that have lasted through these many years.  And one of the greatest joys is seeing several of these former students become educators themselves.

God opens doors and He closes doors.  Some will call this process of just going with the flow or fate.  However, when God leads, he gives you a peace that passes all understanding. As I have stated before, the example of the Lord’s prayer for us is a daily prayer to meet our daily needs and walk.  It best to leave the future to God, who will open and close the doors of opportunity for us.