Let the Whole World Know

One of the earliest duties I had in the ministry was working with the youth group (yes I was only eighteen at that time). One of the songs the youth group choir would sing was, Let the Whole World Know by John Patterson. As I reflect on these words written over fifty years ago I see that this message is needed as much in today’s culture as it was when I was eighteen. Today as in the past the message of salvation should been the most important message that I present to the world.

Everybody seems to have a cause for which to speak,

Loudly from the rooftops they proclaim the things they seek.

Often for a needless cause and often to deceive,

should not we who know the Lord declare what we believe.

Let the whole world know, we are on God’s side forever!

Let the whole world know, He’s a friend and guide along the pathway!

For in Christ new life we found, and our lives were changed around,

now we travel heaven bound, let the whole world know.

Let the whole world know, there’s a job to do we’ll do it

Let the whole world know,others need him too they surely need him.

Like a brightly shining light,in the darkness of the night,

we will stand for truth and right, let the whole world know.

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