Psalm 79

Psalm 79

A psalm of Asaph.

This is the eighth of twelve Psalms bear the name of Asaph

1 O God, the nations have invaded your inheritance; they have defiled your holy temple, they have reduced Jerusalem to rubble.
2 They have given the dead bodies of your servants as food to the birds of the air, the flesh of your saints to the beasts of the earth.
3 They have poured out blood like water all around Jerusalem, and there is no one to bury the dead.
4 We are objects of reproach to our neighbors, of scorn and derision to those around us.
5 How long, O LORD? Will you be angry forever? How long will your jealousy burn like fire?
6 Pour out your wrath on the nations that do not acknowledge you, on the kingdoms that do not call on your name;
7 for they have devoured Jacob and destroyed his homeland.
8 Do not hold against us the sins of the fathers; may your mercy come quickly to meet us, for we are in desperate need.
9 Help us, O God our Savior, for the glory of your name; deliver us and forgive our sins for your name’s sake.
10 Why should the nations say, “Where is their God?” Before our eyes, make known among the nations that you avenge the out poured blood of your servants.
11 May the groans of the prisoners come before you; by the strength of your arm preserve those condemned to die.
12 Pay back into the laps of our neighbors seven times the reproach they have hurled at you, Lord.
13 Then we your people, the sheep of your pasture, will praise you forever; from generation to generation we will recount your praise.

Most of the psalms written by Asaph focus on national issues of the nation of Israel. Israel is God’s chosen nation. This was the promise that God made to Abram in Genesis 12:1-3. How as I look at our nation is it a nation that supports Israel or rejects Israel. As we approach the last days God will be bringing the nation of Israel back into the picture of his coming.

Reflecting on Christ words from Matthew 24:14 “And this gospel shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations and then shall the end come.” I realize that the gospel is not only a message to individuals but also to the nations. As I read verse six of this psalm “Pour out your wrath on the nations that do not acknowledge you, on the kingdoms that do not call on your name;” the words of Matthew 24:14 makes me more aware of the importance of the preaching of the gospel in the world today. Matthew 24:14 does not reflect upon the acceptance of the gospel, but the fact that it is preached to all the nations as a witness to the nations. After this is the end.

There are many signs that we can point to that we are living in the latter days, however in Matthew 24:14 I realize that the gospel has been preached to all nations. This verse has been fulfilled. The see how nations are at war against each other. Just as Asaph focus upon the nation instead of the individuals, so did Christ focus of the nations in Matthew chapter twenty-four. National view reflects the direction of the individuals within the nation. As I witness the way the nations are abandoning the way of the righteous to the way of the ungodly I realize that the gospel is being rejected by the world.

So, as I read this psalm, I realize that the preaching of the gospel is not only to the individual, but also to the nations. And this gospel is to be a witness against the nations. I am not sure how God will judge these nations; however, judgment will come. As I study history, I realize how blessed the USA has been blessed in the past. However, whatever happens in the future I also realize that God does see the seven thousand that have not bowed their knees to the gods of the nation (Baal). God does judge the nations however He also judges the individual.

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