Day 39

Finishing the cleanup of my last major project has now made my retirement seem a lot closer.  With this project completed I can now finish the cleanup process of turning over everything to others.  I can now leave knowing that I no longer have a project that has to be completed.  May the joy of entering my 4th career be as great as I plan.  May God use my life to influence my children, my grandchildren, and all others who will be with me in a positive way to grow in the Lord.

Wisdom I picked up along the way.  As I look back to the ones who influence me I have to thank my very first boss, Mr. Weslin who taught me the saying “when you have you a boy, you got you a boy, when you have two boys, you have a half of a boy, and when you have three boys you have no boys at all.   He would always tell me that when I would ask why he did not bring my brother and cousin along when we had a lot of work to do.  I guess that is one of the reason I love working by myself on projects.  However, as we finished my last major project last week, I am so glad of all the support I got from my team.DSC04179

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