Day 13 And A Sysop

I started my interest in computers as soon as they were affordable and on the market. As a store manager with Kroger I would use Lotus 123 to create operational budgets for the store. I also developed a inventory control spreadsheet that would track the stores weekly sales with the store weekly invoices. I was probably a few years ahead of most stores managers using a computer at the store level to track inventories. This experience jump started a future for me that I was not aware of at that time.

During the my interview for the teacher position the possibility of another side job was presented to me. There was a position as a person who would oversee the up and coming new addition to the school called technology. This position (Sysop) would added an extra seven hundred and fifty dollars a year to my paycheck. Unknown at the time was how much time this position would take up. This was the first year that they had a network within the school.

One major feature of this new technology was the introduce of the computerized grade book. This was one of the new features that I embrace from the first day of school. However, I was one of the few to use it the first year, most of the other teachers used the old blue grade books. When I turned in a floppy disk with my grade book at the end of the year I was ask why my grades were not in the blue grade book. I had to print out my grade book files and put them in my blue grade book at the end of my first year.


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