Day 9 The Almost Forgotten Career

Have you ever had a job that you really enjoyed that was also stress free? This was the career that I had at Home Depot.  For thirteen years this was my second career that provided me with the extra income I needed to support my family.  Between working for the school system and Home Depot I would usually work seven days and about seventy hours a week.  Home Depot was a wonderful place of employment.

I was a part-time employee for all thirteen years, even when I average forty or more hours during the peak selling seasons. I had great supervisors during all thirteen years who would always work around my work schedule at school.  The customer service philosophy that Home Depot had was one the matched the one that I had when I was a store manager at Kroger.  One of the many blessing we can have from God is finding and using the gifts He has given us.  I realized at an early age that the gift I had was servicing others.  The philosophy of customer service fit this gift I was given.

Not only was this career an enjoyable experience but the knowledge that I gained from working in every department during this period in my life enriched my understanding of the home improvement industry. Over twenty years in the retail industry and thirteen years in the home improvement industry has greatly enriched my life in everyday activities from home improvement projects and the simple act of preparing an evening meal.

When I was in school, I was taught that part of a young Jewish child’s training was to prepare him for two careers, one that involve working with his hands and the other with the mind. This was the path in my training that I also follow.  Home Depot was the career that bridged the gap I needed financially for those thirteen years I worked there.  However, of all the careers I had this was not the most rewarding, but it was by far the most enjoyable. lighthouses

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